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The Better Divorce Project Program

I don’t have to tell you that separating and getting a divorce can be complicated.

There may be conflicting feelings along with trying to mend your broken heart. When you have kids, everything can get even more complicated.

Do any of these scenarios ring true for you?

  • You are worried about being buried deep in legal fees?
  • You are worried your ex will put your kids in the middle of your conflict and turn them against you?
  • You have heard many horror stories about the tumultuous divorce process with never ending turmoil with no end in sight and you don’t want that to be you!
  • You are worried you will be dragged through the court system?
  • You are sure your ex will hire a bully lawyer and make you pay for the pain you have caused them?
  • You are hurt and don’t know how you are going to handle the complexities of legal separation. You accept that your relationship is over, but you still feel a deep sense of loss and grief?

Your separation and divorce does not have to be a drama-filled, expensive, or tumultuous horror story

Getting divorced doesn’t have to exhaust you, your well-being, or your finances.

The Better Divorce Project program will provide you with strategies that protect your well-being, your sanity, and your finances as you go through the separation and divorce process.

It may not seem like it now, but a peaceful future is closer than you think.

You deserve to:

  • Empower yourself by knowing your rights and responsibilities in family law
  • Discover the best process to see your matter to a final agreement (avoiding court whenever you can!)
  • Discover options that will save your emotional and financial resources
  • Know what to look for in a lawyer and when it’s time to hire one 
  • Discover the simple strategies that will allow you to avoid unnecessary conflict and drama. 
  • Have access to step-by-step checklists and processes for preparing for settlement discussions, hearings, mediations, trials, or arbitrations.

You don’t need a complicated divorce. An amicable stress-free divorce is possible.

Introducing The Better Divorce Project Program

The Better Divorce Project reveals a fresh and unique approach to your divorce or separation.

Consider it your guide to curb the drama, reduce turmoil and ultimately, reaching the goal of peaceful resolution for you and your changing family…

The Better Divorce Project is jam-packed with valuable resources and information to prepare you in all of the right ways for your divorce or separation.

This can be THE tool and resource that separates you from a long and tumultuous separation and divorce.

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The Better Divorce Project program includes:

  • 12 month access to the Better Divorce Project Information Portal and group coaching program
  • The Better Divorce Project Program group coaching program that provides you with the foundational information, strategies, and skills you will need to get through your divorce or separation.
  • Weekly calls that take place on Fridays at 9AM PST. All group coaching calls are recorded for you to easily access in case you miss a call.
  • A Facebook group community for social learning and where you can ask questions as you go through this difficult process. You’ll find like-minded people who can relate to what you’re going through. You’re not alone.
  • 12-month access to the online curriculum showing you that there is a better way to get divorced and separated.


As long as you live in a no-fault and community property province, state, or country, the skills and strategies will assist you greatly. This is not legal advice, but legal strategy that will allow you to get through your separation and divorce process as peacefully as possible, not only for you, but for the benefit of your kids.

This can be THE tool and resource that separates you from a long and tumultuous separation and divorce.

I want to work with Val!

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The Better Divorce Project Program is NOT



Legal advice 

The Better Divorce Project utilizes a 3-pronged approach:





  • Discover the important distinction between separation and divorce so that you get to a final agreement or court order that clarifies your rights and responsibilities for your best future
  • Discover how to set the tone of your separation process so that unnecessary conflict and turmoil is avoided thus getting you closer to resolution and saving you money at the same time
  • Discover the simple and straightforward method on how to diffuse and reduce conflict even if your ex is combative and determined to fight
  • Discover the circumstances when you do not need to hire a lawyer, and the four key times you will want to consult with one
  • If you do decide to retain a lawyer, discover how to choose the best one for you and your changing family
  • Discover what it is like for people who have made the tough decision to separate and why they now believe it was the best decision they ever made
  • Discover proven strategies for rebuilding your life after divorce
  • Discover the effects of divorce on children and how to alleviate damaging your kids in the process


  • Discover how to best prepare for your first appointment with your divorce lawyer and proactively move things forward right from the start
  • The top reasons why you want to avoid court
  • Discover the processes available to get you an amicable divorce, so that you save time, money, and emotional stress by avoiding court whenever possible.
  • Empower yourself with carefully crafted checklists giving you the step-by-step guide to getting you to an agreement
  • Empower yourself with the best strategies for when your spouse or their lawyer are contentious and conflict oriented


  • Discover the steps necessary to complete and be ready for your legal process you have chosen to resolve your matter and get to a final agreement.
  • Discover the importance of drafting your “agreement sought” document correctly with its necessary components, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Discover why legal research and specific legal advice is necessary for your unique situation.
  • Attend your legal process and get to an agreement or final court order without wasting your valuable resources making or making your divorce lawyer rich.
  • Discover how to protect your future when you get into your next relationship.

Get started now for one payment of $547 USD (or 2 payments of just $297)!

Still not sure? See what our other clients have to say!

Eric: “Saved over $700,000!”

Eric was involved in eight (yes 8!) years of protracted litigation. Before hiring us, he had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees. He owed over $800,000 in arrears of spousal and child support obligations based on an income he had NEVER made. Once he hired us and we applied the Better Divorce Project Method to his matter, within a few short weeks, his ex-spouse agreed to reduce his arrears to $100,000 and agreed to accept payments in monthly installments. His matter was finalized once and for all and for a very small investment.

And Linda: "Received a lump sum of arrears and support owed"

Linda had spent countless thousands on legal fees before hiring us. Although she had a court order requiring her spouse to pay her funds for child and spousal support, her spouse claimed (falsely, as it turns out) that he was unable to work, and arrears accumulated. This left Linda solely supporting her two teenage sons as a single parent, with no help. We applied the Better Divorce Project Method, and within a short time, we handed Linda a cheque for a lump sum amount which included the arrears and all future support owed to her.

And Ron: “Received a cheque for the amount he was entitled = $2,400,000

After over fourty years, Ron was kicked out of his family business by his wife and two adult children. When he hired us, he had been residing in a travel trailer on $2,000 per month for living expenses for several years. Meanwhile, his estranged wife continued to live in the valuable family property and ran the profitable business he had built. Ron came to us when his former lawyers wanted him to accept a deal for a fraction of what he was entitled to. We applied the Better Divorce Method, and although it took a year, we handed Ron a cheque for the amount he was entitled --  $2,400,000! 

And Cory: “Quickly moved on with their lives in a drama-free way”

Cory and Rachel were going through a divorce, and they were tremendously fearful that the “other” one would drag them through the mud. Each feared tumultuous times, exorbitant legal fees, and never-ending drama. They hired us, and we applied the Better Divorce Project Method principles. Within a few weeks, Cory and Rachel reached a legally binding and final separation agreement that met both of their needs and allowed them to share parenting time with their now teenage children equally. They quickly moved on with their lives in a drama-free way, which benefited their children immensely.

We have countless other examples of how families have benefited from the principles associated with the Better Divorce Project method.

Our entire package and program costs the same as about 1.5 or two hours of a lawyer’s time but has so much more value!

Get started now for one payment of $547 USD (or 2 payments of just $297)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Better Divorce Project provide legal advice?

No, this is not legal advice. Every single case is different based upon your jurisdiction and unique circumstances. The Better Divorce Project is all about helping you with your strategy so you can avoid costly financial and emotional mistakes when navigating your divorce or separation.

What is the difference between legal advice and legal information? 

Legal advice should only be provided by a lawyer or attorney you have hired and authorized to practice law in your jurisdiction. It is a one-on-one solicitor-client relationship. On the other hand, legal information explains the law and the legal system in general terms. The information is not tailored to a specific case. Legal advice applies the law, including statute, case law, and legal principles to your specific circumstances and legal information is more general and strategic in nature.

Do I still need a lawyer?

There are three key times to consult with a lawyer, otherwise, you can “drive” your own case, that is you can communicate with the other lawyer directly and only use a lawyer when necessary. This is when we say it is necessary:

  1. At the beginning of your separation process so you get an understanding of your rights, responsibilities, and obligations. You can also get an outline of what the law is and what to expect legally.
  2. If you are going to any kind of contested process, as in court or arbitration, I highly recommend you have a lawyer if possible.
  3. To draft and review your final separation agreement and provide you with legal advice regarding your separation agreement.

Can you refer me to a lawyer you think would do a good job?
Depending on your jurisdiction, we have a limited number of lawyers that we recommend. These lawyers are highly trained in dispute resolution strategies and have gone through the “Be the BEST Divorce Lawyer Academy” and passed a qualification exam before being approved to be referred by us. We take our referrals very seriously.

Can’t I get all of this same information from working with a lawyer I hire?
You can hire your lawyer right from the beginning. That is what many people do. This program is about the equivalent price of 1.5 hours of the average lawyer’s time, yet jam-packed with hours upon hours of value and information. The information will still be useful even if deciding to hire a lawyer. You will know what kind of lawyer you want. You also get the added benefit of a community with people just like you that are there to support you, group coaching calls, and more that you would not get from working with your lawyer.

I like the idea of the information here but would rather have one on one consulting services. Does the Better Divorce Project provide one on one consulting?
The Better Divorce Project has a limited number of clients we can private consulting with. We provide legal information and strategy, but not legal advice.

You can learn more about our private one-on-one support here.

Money back guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with The Better Divorce Project Program in the first 7 days, you can have your money back! No questions asked!

Get started now for one payment of $547 USD (or 2 payments of just $297)!