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A Divorce Coach Who's Also A Family Law Lawyer? Yes!

Work with Divorce Coach Val Hemminger And Build a Confident Settlement Plan 

You have come to this page, probably because you are getting a divorce. You may also want to get divorced as peacefully as possible.

In my 25 + years of practicing family law, I have helped LITERALLY thousands of families who have been in the process of such a significant change. In my many years of helping families, I have developed strategies and systems that get people to the goal of getting their family law matter resolved. I do it by avoiding court when possible. Families do not belong in courtrooms, and neither do yours. 

Val Hemminger's unique Coaching Method is designed and created by over 25 years of experience as a Family Law Lawyer. Explore each of the programs below and choose which is the best for you. 

Start by choosing your preferred support option below...

The Private, 12 Month Divorce Coaching Package is a high-touch one-on-one experience.

The package contains (10) one-hour completely private and confidential, one-on-one coaching sessions with Val that you can use anytime within a 12-month period. It also includes all the components of the Group Coaching offer.

Take advantage of the Better Divorce Project Group Program

This program provides you with the legal information, strategies, and skills you will need to get through your separation and divorce.

It includes online classes that will build your foundation and empower you to get through your legal process while protecting your hard-earned resources. Get the support you need for the investment of a hour or two's worth of an experienced lawyer's time.